Keep Your Equipment Safe at Bogus Basin

How To Keep Your Equipment Safe

Gear Rack At Bogus Basin

Theft is a disheartening situation– especially when it happens in our community. Unfortunately, theft at ski areas is frequently a crime of opportunity. While we may be accustomed to leaving our expensive belongings on the snow to head into the lodge for a break, there is very little stopping a person from walking away with someone else’s gear. Often, people mistakenly grab equipment they think is their own and happily return it when they realize what happened. For others, unattended equipment racks welcome the ol’ 5-finger discount. Whatever the case, we put together some tips and tricks to keep your equipment safe here at Bogus Basin.

Purchase a Lock

We lock our bikes when we ride downtown, and lock our cars when we park in public spaces. Please lock up your riding equipment when you leave it unattended! Pocket-sized locks are available in the Retail Shop on the first floor of the J.R. Simplot Lodge if you need to purchase one.

Separate Your Skis

If you’re a skier, we recommend separating your skis and placing them on different racks when headed into the lodge. If you’re skiing with a friend, you can pair one of your skis with theirs. These strategies make stealing your skis difficult, deterring theft, and preventing someone from mistaking equipment for their own.

What to do if you can’t find your equipment

If you return to the ski and snowboard racks and can’t find your equipment, we recommend reporting your lost items to the ticket office as soon as possible. If you suspect that your equipment was stolen, the mountain ticket office located on the first floor of the J.R. Simplot Lodge will help you file a police report. When provided with enough information, our teams may be able to review security camera footage. Filing a police report is an important way to account for what you lost, the value of your lost items, and when you lost them. Some insurance companies might help cover the cost of your items if they are not found after a report is filed.

Additionally, you can inquire about your equipment at our Rental Shop, to see if anyone may have turned your gear in by mistake. Alerting local ski and board tune shops about your stolen gear may also be beneficial, just in case the thief decides they need to wax their new board.

About Bogus Basin
Opened in 1942, Bogus Basin winter operations offer 2,600 acres of daytime skiable terrain and 200+ acres for night skiing; eleven lifts – including four high-speed quads – and three people-mover surface lifts; an 800-foot tubing hill. The Nordic Center offers 37 kilometers of groomed trails. Environmental education and community outreach programs serve over 20,000 individuals annually, primarily youth. Bogus Basin is located 16.5 miles north of Boise, Idaho, and operates under a special use permit with the Boise National Forest.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is one of the largest non-profit recreation areas in the country. It is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to engaging the community to provide accessible, affordable, and fun year-round mountain recreation and education. Bogus Basin summer activities include a challenge course, mountain coaster, summer tubing, climbing wall, bungee trampoline, gem panning station, The Basin Gravity Park, cross-country mountain biking and hiking, free community events and educational programs, chairlift service to access hiking and biking trails, and guided nature hikes.