Mountain Coaster

Coming Soon To Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin is proud to be the first mountain recreation area in the state of Idaho to feature an Alpine Mountain Coaster. Get excited to experience 4,100 feet of twisting, turning track that winds through the woods. Reaching speeds of 25 plus mile per hour and heights of 40 plus feet in the air, the Bogus Basin Mountain Coaster allows you to experience the mountain like never before.  The Mountain Coaster carts are pulled to the top of the track by an independent lift, then released at the top for an exhilarating ride through the trees.  You control your own speed.  Seeking an adrenaline rush?  Press the levers all the way down for maximum velocity. Prefer a scenic ride down the mountain?  Pull back on the levers to slow the cart to a desired speed. Each cart can accommodate two riders, one driver and one rider (subject to combined weight restrictions).  The Mountain Coaster operates in both summer and winter.

2017 Mountain Coaster Rates (tax not included)
1 Ride on the Mountain Coaster – Single Rider TBD
1 Ride on the Mountain Coaster – Tandem (2 ppl)


  • Single
    • Minimum Height = 54 inches
    • Minimum Age = 16 yrs
  • Tandem
    • Minimum Height = 38 inches
    • Minimum Age = 3 yrs

Maximum weight for single or tandem ride = 325 lbs