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Snowmaking at Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin has obtained water rights and permits from associated agencies and is now in the process of installing a snowmaking system.  This system includes a pond that will hold up to 40-acre-feet of water and more than 3 ½ miles of underground piping.

Why is a snowmaking system important to Bogus Basin?

The introduction of a snowmaking system helps ensure that a portion of the mountain will open for recreation, regardless of natural snowfall, by mid-December.

Where will the water come from?

The water source is spring runoff from Bogus Creek.  The water will be collected in a retention pond that is now under construction below the main parking lot.

How does it work?

In November and December, the water will be pumped up into the snowmaking system to be used when temperatures are cold enough.  When the snow melts in the spring, the water will flow back into Bogus Creek.

How many snow guns are part of the installation?

The system includes 24 fully automated fan guns that can move from trail to trail, providing top to bottom coverage.

What runs are included in the snowmaking plan?

Phase I of the snowmaking plan includes coverage on a minimum of Upper and Lower Ridge, Coach, Coaches Corner, Lulu, Silver Queen, Bogus Creek Trail, the Simplot Base Area, and the Pepsi Gold Rush Tubing Hill.

How was the project paid for?

As a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, Bogus Basin thrives on support from the community to remain affordable and accessible. In 2017, more than $6 million was raised through The Bogus Basin Project, a capital fundraising effort.  A lead gift of $5 million from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation helped fully fund the snowmaking system.

When will the project be complete?

The expected completion date is fall of 2019.