The Basin Gravity Park | Trail History: Berm Baby Berm

Berm Baby Berm: The Story of Bogus Basin’s First Machine-Built Flow Trail

(As of Summer 2020, Berm Baby Berm section one is now called Upper Berm. Berm Baby Berm now starts off of Yellow Brick Road.)

Berm Baby Berm has a twisted history, one that eventually led to the inception of The Basin Gravity Park – Southwestern Idaho’s Premiere Lift-Served Mountain Bike Destination

During the Idaho summer of 2017, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area unveiled Berm Baby Berm, an exhilarating downhill mountain bike flow trail. This now popular trail, located on the South Face of Shafer Butte, has captivated riders for years with its rolling features and sweeping turns.

Creating the Vision

Experienced builders Joe Weede and Jeremy McGlathery, whose work at Jug Mountain Ranch is regionally renowned, took on the mission of transforming the rugged terrain of The South Face into a brand-new blue freeride mountain biking trail. Their goal was to design a trail that showcased the natural beauty of the area while providing a smooth adrenaline-fueled ride.

Building Berm Baby Berm

Several months of planning and hard work led to the birth of this trail. The team strategically crafted berms, jumps, and flow sections to span 785 feet in elevation change across 1.16 miles. The trail offers a thrilling descent from approximately the mid-point of Shafer Butte to the base of Bogus Creek Trail.

Opening Day and Beyond

On July 1st, 2017, the grand opening of Berm Baby Berm marked an important milestone for Bogus Basin – The area was staking its claim in the downhill mountain bike market. Boise and Treasure Valley biking enthusiasts eagerly flocked to the trail, drawn by the excitement it promised. Upon opening, the trail was accessible via the Deer Point Express chairlift or the Mountain Dew bike shuttle, where riders could easily reach the trailhead via Brewers Byway.

Endless Thrills

Since its debut, Berm Baby Berm has become a beloved staple for riders of all levels. Its seamless integration with the natural environment and speed have solidified its reputation as an adrenaline-pumping ride for everyone. Whether riders seek speed, jumps, or flowing corners, this trail delivers an unforgettable experience that keeps getting better!

The Bottom Line

Berm Baby Berm stands as a testament to Bogus Basin’s early foray into the lift-served downhill mountain biking sector. It represented the area’s commitment to providing unique outdoor adventures to Boise, Treasure Valley, and Idaho.

Berm Baby Berm continues enthralling riders, initiating them into the downhill mountain bike community with its flowing design. This trail embodies the spirit of outdoor exploration and serves as a testament to the remarkable experiences Bogus Basin is dedicated to offering.