The Basin Gravity Park | Trail Break Down: Berm Baby Berm

Berm Baby Berm: A Transformation at The Basin Gravity Park

The summer of 2023 marked an exciting turning point for The Basin Gravity Park, as we set out to revamp a section of Berm Baby Berm, creating a much-desired experience for mountain biking enthusiasts. Teaming up with trail builders Will Hatab and Chris Eodice from Loam Improvement and Kyle Cheston from Trail Provisions, the park embarked on a series of projects to elevate the trails at Bogus Basin and The Basin Gravity Park to new heights.

The Closure of Awesum Opossum and Upper Berm

This project began in the summer of 2022 with the permanent closure of the Awesum Opossum trail, a beloved flow trail that had provided countless moments of joy for riders. This closure, however, was a necessary step to implement significant improvements to the winter experience for beginners and would pave the way for a new connection to Berm Baby Berm. With skillful design and planning, Loam Improvement and Trail Provisions created an adjusted trail alignment that would connect the existing lower half of Upper Berm to Brewers Byway, eliminating the need for uphill pedaling and maximizing the flow.

To achieve this seamless connection, the trail builders ingeniously utilized a section of the now-closed Awesum Opossum alignment. The completion of this connection led to the permanent closure of Upper Berm, making way for the construction of a new hiking and cross-country mountain biking trail that intersected the original Upper Berm.

Reimagining a Fan Favorite

The trail’s transformation is a game-changer for riders of all skill levels. Berm Baby Berm is a favorite among mountain biking enthusiasts and the closure of Awesum Opossum, which provided access directly from the Morning Star Express chairlift, was mourned by the community. The revised entry and alignment boasts progressive features and a much-improved flow.

Berm Baby Berm (section one): Trail Break Down

Riders are treated to a curvey start with two consecutive deep 180º corners begging to be railed at speed. Following the entry turns, riders continue descending through a tree-lined straightaway with one roller, a catch berm, then two large rollers offering optional doubles, including a gap from the last roller into a well-supported catch berm. Having gained ample speed, riders reach a large chicane in the trail with multiple optional gaps for various skill levels. These turns release into the fan-favorite jump line that made its predecessor, Awesum Opossum, famous.

The original jump line underwent many revisions, now offering multiple lip options and smoothed elongated table-tops that function as both rollers, jumps, and landings for all types of riders. As riders enter the jump line of Berm Baby Berm, they start off with a setup roller that leads into a small rollable double, before opening up out of the tree line into the main five-pack of jumps.

The first jump in the five-pack has a rollable middle line, a slight right hip table on the left, and an off-set and setback lip on the right that can be jumped straight, or from right to left. After a catch berm, riders approach jump two, which offers a rollable right line, or a right-hand hip if riders choose the left line. This jump is a perfect place to work on your whips, tables, and basic tricks.

As riders approach the third jump, they will have various speeds. Those with more speed will have no problem unweighting for a scrub jump, but those traveling slower can pump this jump as a massive roller. Following the next catch berm, the final two jumps reveal themselves. Jump four is a traditional table with a slightly longer and steeper lip, giving riders the opportunity to pull back and boost. This table, while rollable, has slightly sharper lip faces. The final jump is a traditional step-up that connects riders to Berm Baby Berm, where the flow continues down to the base area.

A Shining Example of a Blue Flow Trail

The result of this redesigned entry is the birth of the new Berm Baby Berm section one, which is a shining example of what a blue flow trail can offer and how it can cater to riders of all abilities. From introducing newer riders to a variety of features and jumps to getting locals stoked on all the hidden gems of the trail, Berm Baby Berm provides mountain biking enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience.