Improvements | Widening & Regrading of Sunshine Run

Improving The Beginner Experience

In the summer of 2022, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area underwent an impressive transformation to enhance the winter learning experience for beginner and family skiers and snowboarders. Focused on two well-loved beginner trails, Sunshine Cat Track and Sunshine run, the mountain embarked on an exciting capital investment project.

Sunshine Run Improvement: A Multi-Phased Approach

Bogus Basin took on this project in multiple phases, widening the cat track, improving the lighting, regrading Sunshine run, and adding snowmaking. These combined transformed the experience from when guests got off the lift until they connected with Bogus Creek Trail.


The first phase of the project involved significantly widening Sunshine Cat Track, creating a more spacious and comfortable pathway for new riders. The expanded width allows for smoother edge-to-edge skiing and snowboarding experiences, which is particularly beneficial for beginners who are on the basics.

Lighting Upgrades

Another significant improvement was the addition of updated night lighting to Sunshine Cat Track, increasing the overall brightness and continuity of lighting down the trail. The new lighting system not only enhanced visibility during evening runs but also furthered the magical and enchanting atmosphere on the slopes, especially for the little and youth. Previous high-pressure sodium lights were converted to energy-efficient LED fixtures, both saving money on electricity and reducing lighting bleed with a narrower illumination throw.

Regrading Of Sunshine Run

Countless beginners have conquered Sunshine run, and almost all of them remember the feeling of looking down the run and not being able to see the bottom section – not an experience you want as a beginner. The run, while an appropriate slope angle for beginners, had a crest about halfway down that left new users with a spooky blind rollover.

After widening the above cat track, Sunshine run received a major upgrade through regrading and removing the steep crest that presented challenges for new users. By creating a gentler slope, the trail became more accessible to beginners while still maintaining its fun-loving grade.

Snowmaking On Sunshine Run

To cap off the reenvisioned Sunshine run and cat track, Bogus Basin added snowmaking plumbing and infrastructure. This significant upgrade ensures consistent snow coverage at the start and throughout the winter season, providing beginner skiers and snowboarders with reliable and enjoyable conditions. The snowmaking infrastructure addition leveraged Bogus Basin’s phase one and phase two snowmaking projects to further round out the mountain’s frontside snowmaking operation

Building A Better Mountain – One Run At A Time

As a result of these incredible enhancements, Bogus Basin successfully merged Sunshine Cat Track and Sunshine run into a seamless top-to-bottom journey. Riders can now enjoy uninterrupted and gradual descents from the top of the Morning Star Express chairlift to Bogus Creek Trail. These improvements rejuvenated Sunshine as a favorite spot for families at Bogus Basin, offering unforgettable experiences and cherished memories in the winter wonderland.

Unintended Consequences For Mountain Biking

With the widening of Sunshine Cat Track, the mountain bike trail Awesum Opposum in The Basin Gravity Park must be realigned. Large sections of the current tread path have been excavated out, and the trail is now too close to the embankment edge. Look for a capital project summer of 2023 to reimagine the connection of Berm Baby Berm to the top of the Morning Star Express without the need to pedal.

For the time being, a trail that parallels Sunshine Cat Track has been constructed to allow downhill mountain biker access to all of the trail on the north edge of the Morning Star Zone of The Basin Gravity Park. Berm Baby Berm is now accessed via Upper Berm off of Brewers Byway.