Improvements | Pioneer Road Parking Expansion

Wide Angle of Bogus Basin parking expansion facing north by Luke Tokunaga

Slope-Side Parking Expansion

You read that correctly! Our amazing team made this parking expansion a reality. It’s no secret that flat space on the mountain is a premium, so when it dawned on us that we could expand slope-side parking near Silver Queen parking lot along Pioneer Road, it was like finding free real estate – except it was far from free.

Parking spaces anywhere are notoriously expensive to build. Statistical data in a report dated August 2021, cited the median cost per parking space in a parking garage was over $25,000. Our approximate cost to create more parking on this “free real estate” was under $500 per space, thanks to innovative thinking and our skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Using two tracked excavators, a D6 dozer, and a 40-ton haul truck – our team moved TONS of dirt over two weeks, filling in low points and extending the edges of the road. After our staff set the stage, Pavement Specialties of Idaho came in and laid down 248 tons of asphalt, covering 13,250 square feet of ground to complete the project.

With additional parking and better sight lines, rogue parking and restricted traffic flow should be a thing of the past

Jack Hicks, Director of Vehicle Maintenance

For those of you that are TRUE Bogus Basin locals, you’ll notice that the large depression to the inside of the final turn on Pioneer Road has been backfilled. A part of this parking expansion included improving sight lines for cars in both directions and filling in the depression with all the extra fill dirt to create additional flat parking spaces.

This parking expansion doubled the number of parking spots, providing 110 nose-in parking spaces along Pioneer Road. “With additional parking and better sight lines, rogue parking and restricted traffic flow should be a thing of the past,” said Jack Hicks, Director of Vehicle Maintenance

Our team is here to serve the community with the goal of making your next trip to the mountain better than your last and these improvements are all thanks to YOUR support!

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Video: Derek Weimer & Jack Hicks
Photos: Luke Tokunaga