Open Saturday - Sunday from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Grooming Report

Grooming report updated by 7am daily

Mountain Biking Trails - Open
Bogus Creek Groomed
Brewers Byway Groomed
Cabin Traverse Groomed
Chair Connector Groomed
Lodge Trail Groomed
Pioneer Groomed
Ridge Road Groomed
Sapper's Return Closed
Around The Mountain Groomed
To Around The Mountain Groomed
Deer Point Trail Groomed
Elk Meadows Groomed
Face Trail Groomed
Lower Loop Groomed
Pack Trail Groomed
Redtail Groomed
Sidewinder Groomed
Sunshine Groomed
Shindig Groomed
Tempest Groomed
Berm Baby Berm Section 1 Groomed
Berm Baby Berm Section 2 Groomed
Berm Baby Berm Section 3 Groomed
Morning Star Groomed
G19 Section 1 Groomed
G19 Section 2 Groomed
Chair #1 Deer Point Chairlift - Closed
Glade Runner Mountain Coaster - Closed