Open Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm Mountain Coaster, Summer Tubing, & Food & Beverage. Scenic Chairlift & Lift Served Mountain Biking Closed.

Trail Report

Due to unexpected maintenance and repairs, the Morning Star Chairlift will not operate the final two weekends of the 2020 summer season. The Deer Point Chairlift is undergoing routine maintenance, and closed for the summer season on September 8th. The downhill bike park and cross-country trail system remain accessible via service roads, uphill trails, and Pioneer Lodge.

Our trail system has been broken into sections to accurately show which areas are open or closed in accordance with trail construction. Please understand that the total number of trails is representative of trail sections, not top to bottom trails.

Updated: September 24th, 2020

Deer Point Express - Closed
Morning Star Express - Closed
Glade Runner - Closed
Summer Tubing Hill - Closed
Bike Park Trails (Downhill Only) - Open
Learners Permit Groomed
Student Rider Groomed
Ride Around (Upper Section) Groomed
Ride Around (Lower Section Groomed
Space Nugget (Upper Section) Groomed
Space Nugget (Lower Section) Closed
Air Traffic Control (Upper Section) Groomed
Air Traffic Control (Lower Section) Groomed
Berm Baby Berm (Upper Section) Groomed
Berm Baby Berm (Lower Section) Groomed
Fox Trot Groomed
G19 (Upper Section) Groomed
G19 (Middle Section) Groomed
G19 (Lower Section) Groomed
Cross Country Trails (Multi Use - Multi Direction) - Open
Bogus Creek Groomed
Brewer's Byway Groomed
Elk Meadows Groomed
Upper Deer Point Groomed
Lower Deer Point Groomed
Face Groomed
Upper Berm Groomed
Around the Mountain Groomed
Packing Trail Groomed
Shindig Closed
Tempest Groomed
Service Roads - Open
Lodge Cat Road Groomed
Chair Connector Road Groomed
Road Rules Groomed
Toll Road Groomed
Yellow Brick Road Groomed