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Trail Report

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Updated: 04/17/21 @ 6:30 a.m.

Deer Point Express - Open
Alpine Groomed
Showcase Groomed
Shaker Ridge Groomed
Playground Ungroomed
Claim Jumper Groomed
Mambo Meadows Groomed
Northslope Ungroomed
Sunset Ungroomed
Upper Ridge Groomed
Lower Ridge Groomed
Sourdough Groomed
Up-Hill Skin Track Ungroomed
Cascade Ungroomed
Lando's Mojo Ungroomed
Widowmaker Ungroomed
Bowl Ungroomed
Morning Star Express - Open
Silver Queen Groomed
Sunshine Cat Track Groomed
Sunshine Closed
Connector Groomed
Pioneer Trail Groomed
Bogus Creek Trail Groomed
Lulu Groomed
Hogsback Ungroomed
Morning Star Groomed
Superior Express - Open
Bonanza Groomed
Night Hawk Cut Off Groomed
Lower Bonanza Groomed
Grooming Trail Ungroomed
Comeback Groomed
Lodge Cat Track Groomed
Smuggler Groomed
Smuggler Cut Off Groomed
Cabin Traverse Groomed
Shindig Groomed
Corn Patch Ungroomed
Majestic Ungroomed
Night Hawk Groomed
Triumph Groomed
Upper Triumph Groomed
Superior Groomed
Matchless Ungroomed
Sunbeam Groomed
War Eagle Groomed
War Eagle Cat Track Groomed
Greenie's Run Ungroomed
Tempest Ungroomed
Tiger Ungroomed
Liberty Ungroomed
Last Chance Ungroomed
Power Line Ungroomed
Omar's Inspiration Ungroomed
Bitterroot - Closed
Buttercup Trail Closed
Sleepy Connector Closed
Snoozer Closed
Sleepy Hallow Closed
Lazy Mary Closed
Bitterroot Basin Closed
B-2 Closed
B-3 Closed
Bear Paw Closed
Nitro Closed
Pine Creek Express - Closed
Nugget Cat Track Closed
Upper Nugget Closed
Easy Way Down Closed
Mid-Paradise Cut Off Closed
Paradise Cat Track Closed
Middle Paradise Closed
Lower Paradise Closed
Good Enough Closed
Nugget Bowls Closed
Second Chance Closed
Lower Nugget Closed
Mary's Ridge Closed
Wildcat Closed
Upper Paradise Closed
The Triangle Closed
Lightning Closed
Pine Creek Bowl Closed
Lucky Friday Closed
Coach - Open
Coach's Corner Groomed
Stewart's Bowl Groomed
Showcase - Closed
Easy Rider - Open
Explorer - Closed
Discovery - Open
Tubing Hill - Closed