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Trail Report

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Updated: 06/4/21

Deer Point Express - Open
Morning Star Express - Open
Glade Runner Mountain Coaster - Open
The Basin Gravity Park - Open
Yellow Brick Road to Sunshine Closed
Student Rider Closed
Marshmellow Closed
Awesum Opossum Closed
Berm Baby Berm Closed
Space Nugget Closed
Air Traffic Control Closed
Fox Trot Closed
G19 Closed
Rabid Badger Closed
Multi Use Trails - Open
Bogus Creek Loop Ungroomed
Brewer's Byway Ungroomed
Elk Meadows Ungroomed
Face Ungroomed
Deer Point Ungroomed
Around the Mountain Ungroomed
Upper Berm Closed
Shindig Ungroomed
Packing Trail Ungroomed
Tempest Ungroomed
Summer Tubing - Open
Bungee Trampoline - Open
Rock Wall - Open
Shafer Butte Mining Co - Open