Carpool to Bogus Basin For A Chance To Win A Season Pass

The next time you drive TO the mountain, carpool to Bogus Basin for a chance to win a season pass!

Introducing the Bogus Basin Carpool to Crush CO2 Challenge – an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, relieve parking pressure on the mountain, and be entered to win a 2024/2025 Bogus Basin season pass! We have teamed up with to make it easier than ever to commit to more sustainable transportation options all winter long.


Whether you’re driving to the grocery store or making the trip up to Bogus Basin– each time you carpool (defined as a driver + at least one additional licensed driver), take the bus, or use another form of sustainable transportation– be sure to log your trip with Follow these 5 easy steps to get started:

  1. Click HERE to join the Bogus Basin Carpool to Crush CO2 Challenge.
  2. Sign up for Share The Ride Idaho (pre-existing users can log in). *Note: Users do not have to join a network when signing up for the Challenge.
  3. Confirm your account by clicking the link you receive to your email inbox.
  4. Once logged in to Share The Ride Idaho, click here and tap + Join to officially join the Bogus Basin Carpool to Crush CO2 Challenge!
  5. Ready to log your first ride? Use this video for instructions on how to log your sustainable route!

As a BONUS, each time you carpool (as a driver or passenger) or take the bus to Bogus Basin, your rides will be multiplied by 10 at the end of the challenge! PLUS, carpoolers with 3+ passengers get priority parking in the front half of Parking Lot #1 from 9 am through the early afternoon on peak weekends and holidays during the winter season. Carpoolers are encouraged to park in Bogus Basin’s Park And Ride Lot (available during Bogus Basin operating hours).


  • Season-Long Challenge: The Overall Trip Leader wins a 2024/25 Winter Season Pass. All other participants are entered to win a 2024/25 Winter Season Pass.
  • Holiday Bonus Challenge (12/22/23-1/7/23): The Overall Trip Leader wins a $50 Bogus Bucks Gift Card. All other participants are entered to win a $50 Gift Card.

Prize winners will be notified via email at the end of the Challenge.


  • Must be a licensed driver
  • Carpooling definition: Driver + at least one additional licensed driver
  • ShareTheRideIdaho account holder name must match Bogus Basin guest record (i.e. name shown on season pass or day ticket RFID card)
  • All winners must claim or transfer their prize within 10 days of being notified of winning
  • Bogus Basin employees are not eligible to participate


It’s no secret: when there’s fresh powder, there’s people. In fact, January 7th, 2024 marked the single largest visitation day in Bogus Basin’s 81-year history. Yet, even with record-breaking visitation numbers, Bogus Basin has yet to meet the mountain’s Comfortable Carrying Capacity (CCC)– a number used to determine “the maximum level of use that provides a pleasant recreational experience.”

Carpooling Helps Alleviate Parking Pressure.

While your local non-profit mountain’s CCC is 6,400 people at one time, we have yet to reach that threshold given that most vehicles traveling to and from the mountain continue to carry just one passenger. In order for Bogus Basin to come close to our CCC, every car would need to carry at least 2.56 people per vehicle. 

To ensure every visitor who wants to ride at Bogus Basin has a place to park once they arrive, we need everyone to do their part. Yes, including you! Next time you plan to visit Bogus Basin, please carpool to and from the mountain or take the public bus to help alleviate parking pressure.

Carpooling Helps Protect Our Winters.

Beyond relieving parking strain on the mountain, carpooling also helps to protect our beloved winters and our shared planet. In fact, it’s estimated that carpooling has the potential to reduce global emissions by as much as 11%. With over 10 million skiers and riders in the United States, when we act together, we can make a big difference for Mother Earth.

Scope 3 Emissions– also known as indirect emissions– are emissions that occur in Bogus Basin’s value chain, including both upstream and downstream emissions. For example, Scope 3 Transportation emissions include (but are not limited to):

  • Daily Visitor Vehicle Emissions
  • Employee Commute Emissions
  • Out of Town Visitor Air or Vehicle Travel Emissions

During the 2021/22 winter season, Bogus Basin’s Scope 3 Emissions were largely comprised of Daily Visitor Vehicle Emissions which accounted for 52.3% of Bogus Basin’s carbon footprint.

When you carpool to Bogus Basin, you help to reduce the emissions beyond Bogus Basin’s immediate organizational environmental impact. For example, carpoolers making the 37.4-mile round trip from The Park and Ride Lot to Bogus Basin help prevent 15.2 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphereplus save an estimated $13.35 per trip!*

*Estimated Emissions Results provided by ShareTheRideIdaho

For driving directions, public bus transportation routes, parking information, and more– please visit the Getting Here page.