Ski Patrol Memorial Sweep

Final Sweep Memorial By Bogus Basin Ski Patrol, Winter of 2022

Bogus Basin Ski Patrol
Final Sweep Memorial 2024


At the end of every day, Bogus Basin Ski Patrol conducts a final sweep – they ride all of the runs to make sure no one is left behind as the area closes. The Memorial Sweep is a long-standing tradition in honor of patrollers who have passed away. In the Final Sweep Memorial, patrollers bring a personal item of those no longer with us for a final toboggan ride down the hill to honor their memory and contribution. 

This year’s honorees include Mike Shirley who, while not a patroller, was a very strong supporter of the patrol and significant contributor to Bogus Basin.  

When & Where

The procession begins at 5:00 pm, or when the backside sweep is completed. Patrollers will assemble at the top of Ridge Run for the Final Sweep. Following, there will be a brief ceremony in front of the patrol building – including reading in memoriams and a brief opportunity for people to speak.

For more information, please visit the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol’s website:

March 9 @ 5:00 PM