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2021/22 Operating Information

Winter 2021/22 Operating Plan


(updated 1/9/2022)

Individuals who are not feeling well, or who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, are kindly asked to stay home.

Face Masks

  • Guests are not required to wear a mask while in outdoor areas, including lift lines, when visiting Bogus Basin during the Winter 2021/22 season.
  • Guests are reminded to bring a mask for going inside our buildings. Face coverings are highly recommended, regardless of vaccination status, for individuals age 5+, except when seated and actively consuming food and/or beverages, at all indoor facilities on the mountain.
  • Face coverings are required at our downtown ticket sales office, 2600 N. Bogus Basin Road.

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing is encouraged when in lift lines, the base area, and other locations where guests congregate.

Lift Lines / Chairlift Loading

  • Chairlifts are loaded at full capacity; guests preferring to ride alone will be accommodated.

Lodge/Facility Access

Are the lodge facilities open at Bogus Basin during the 2021/22 winter season?

  • The lodge facilities are open for full food & beverage service, and indoor seating is available. Guests are asked to be courteous to others by limiting their time inside facilities. Guests are required to wear face coverings inside the lodges, except when seated and activity consuming food or beverages.

May I take my own food and/or beverages inside the lodges?

  • No outside food and/or beverages are allowed inside any of Bogus Basin lodge facilities that provide restaurant services.

 Where can I eat food that I have brought from home?

  • Guests are encouraged to consider their vehicle as their base lodge and to consume their own food/beverages at their vehicle.

Can I store my extra gear inside the lodge?

  • Personal gear may NOT be stored inside the lodges. Extra gear can be stored inside your vehicle. 
  • A limited number of day storage lockers are available at both Simplot and Pioneer Lodges

2021/22 FAQ

General FAQ

If I can’t find parking in the Main Lot (#1) or the Pioneer Lot, where should I go?

There are three large ski-in/ski-out parking lots at Bogus Basin. Access to each lot is off of the Pioneer Road, between Frontier Point Nordic Lodge and Pioneer Lodge, and there are identifying signs posted along the road.

  • Lot #4 is the first available parking lot. Watch for the sign on your right as you drive up Pioneer Road. From this lot, you ski/ride down to the Morning Star Express or Base Area.
  • Buttercup Lot is open on weekends/holidays with no access after 4:15 pm. It is the second available lot as you drive up Pioneer Road. Watch for the identifying sign and turn left on a very short access road to the large lot. From this lot, you ski/ride down to the Bitterroot Chairlift (#5), open weekends and holidays 9 am thru 4:15 pm.
  • Silver Queen Lot is near the top of Pioneer Road; you’ll see it on your left, From this lot, walk back across Pioneer Road to ski/ride down the Silver Queen beginner run to the Morning Star Express chairlift and the base area.

Parking Lot Map

How frequently is the road to Bogus Basin plowed for snow and sanded for traction?

The road to Bogus Basin is maintained around the clock during snow events. Below are a couple of bullets about Bogus Basin Road maintenance and its schedule.
  • Bogus Basin is responsible for sanding and plowing the 16 miles of road, top to bottom, 2 miles on the Pioneer Road, and 13 plus acres of parking lots in the area. While ACHD occasionally assists at the lower elevations, we do not rely on their support.
  • Bogus Basin’s road crew plows and sands the road with a sand/salt mixture continuously, 7 days a week, the entire time there is a snow or weather event.
  • We have a day shift and a night shift that maintain the road:
    • The day shift starts at 1:00 am (midnight if there has been a large snow event), and ends between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. The day crew is normally two plow trucks, sometimes 3. This team is responsible for opening the road safely
    • The night shift starts at 1:00 pm and runs until after we close operations, around 11:00 pm, running continuously as needed
    • Two other drivers provide coverage in the hour or so between the end of the day shift and the start of the night shift
  • In addition to sand, ice melt is used to pretreat the road.
  • It takes each plow approximately 45 minutes, one way, from top to bottom (sometimes longer if there is traffic; the plow can only travel as fast as the vehicles around it.) It takes about 20-30 minutes to refill the sand at the top.

Why is the upper lot by Pioneer Lodge roped off?

We are working with the Pioneer Condo Association to evaluate, specifically, how many parking spaces their owners and guests need on weekdays and on weekends for the season.

The number of parking spaces available to our guests has increased in that area, through the introduction of parking on both sides of the lot, giving guests about 25 more spaces than we had in the past.

Our team is keeping a close eye on the lot to try to continually balance the needs of the condo owners and our guests, Thank you for your patience.

What happened to the deck and yurt at The Beach, at the bottom of the Pine Creek Express lift?

There are a number of reasons behind the changes at The Beach this year:

  • A bear attacked one side of the yurt over the summer, compromising its structural integrity.
  • The yurt was not compliant with health codes, washable surfaces, floors and walls, running water, temperature control of foods, and lack of storage.
  • There was not adequate weather protection in the yurt for our Point of Sale technology to work.

The introduction of our new food trailer allows our employees to provide a broader range of food and beverage options to more guests in a better equipped, functional environment.  The Beach will open, as staffing allows, and we do hope that you give it a try!

Why are some of the food and beverage outlets that used to be open closed on weekends and holidays?

Like many industries and businesses, Bogus Basin is struggling to find enough staff to fully operate. Our main focus is the on-snow experience, placing a priority on lifts, grooming, ticketing, rentals, snow removal, and highest volume food & beverage operations. This means that some or all of the satellite food & beverage venues may experience an interruption in operations or early closure during the season. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

I want to purchase an online day ticket

Advance ticket purchasing is available. Inventory is only available several days prior to use. Click Here for more info.

Is there a limit on the number of lift tickets I can purchase online?

You are allowed to purchase a limit of ten (10) lift ticket products per cart.

Can I cancel or change the day of my lift ticket reservation?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Restrictions & Policies

How do I redeem my lift ticket after purchasing it?

Online lift tickets will be emailed to the purchaser. To redeem, the purchaser must print or display their electronic voucher (the second email you receive after purchase) along with a valid matching ID at Simplot Lodge Ticket Window or at the Downtown Sales Office on the day of use. For guests under the age of 18, a matching ID is not required.

How many lift tickets are available?

Online tickets will be available while supplies last – first come, first served. Amounts available will be determined by historical guest data and our experiences this season.

Why is there a limit amount of lift tickets daily

We limit the number of lift tickets sold on a daily basis to protect the guest experience and match guest visits to our parking lot capacity.

Do I redeem my mountain’s season pass benefits at Bogus Basin online?

Partner Mountain Benefits

If you are visiting from one of our partner mountains, please show your valid season pass and ID at the Simplot Ticket Office window. You are then issued a ticket matching your benefits – See below for details
Partner Mountain Incoming Guest Benefits

Powder Alliance Benefits

If you are visiting from one of the Powder Alliance mountains, please show your valid season pass and ID at the Simplot Ticket Office window. You are then issued a ticket matching your benefits – See below for details

Powder Alliance
Incoming Powder Alliance Membership Information

How do I redeem my military discount?

Military discounts can only be redeemed at the Simplot Ticket window, but cannot be redeemed online. Please see our deals and discounts page for more information

Deals & Discounts

When are you open for operations?

Our operating hours can be found on our website. Bogus Basin management may adjust hours & days of operation at any time based upon snow conditions, staffing, and/or skier visits. Please check our operating hours prior to visiting

Operating Hours

Can I get a refund or credit for my lift ticket?

There are no cash refunds for daily tickets, Our weather check credit policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Refund Policy
Credit Policy

What if my Gift Card (bogus bucks) is lost or stolen?

Gift cards are like cash and are not replaced if lost or stolen. Our gift card policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Restriction & Policies

Does my Gift Card (bogus bucks) expire?

Gift cards expire in 5 years; note the expiration date on the back of the card. The balance on a gift card is not be transferred to another gift card. Our gift card policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Restriction & Policies

Can I get a cash refund for my gift card (bogus bucks)?

There are no cash refunds for gift cards (bogus bucks). Our gift card policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Restriction & Policies

Season Pass FAQ

I’m a longtime winter season pass holder, what is the equivalent pass for me this year?

If you only plan on accessing Bogus Basin and are not interested in Partner Mountain benefits, the equivalent season pass product is the Winter Season Pass. This pass gains you unlimited access to Bogus Basin, seven days a week, as well as (1) 50% off buddy ticket, valid anytime during the 2021/22 winter season.

If you ARE interested in Partner mountain benefits, membership in the Powder Alliance, and/or community partner discounts, consider the True Bogus Season Pass or Beyond Bogus Season Pass.

Where is my season pass?

Season passes are mailed per a request for current pass holders made at the time of purchase. Season passes are mailed throughout the summer and early fall. Season passes that are not mailed can be picked up at the Bogus Basin sales office at 2600 N Bogus Basin road. Please check office hours! Additional information can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Operating Hours
Restriction & Policies

Can I get a refund or credit for my season pass?

There are no cash refunds for season passes. Our season pass credit policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Refund Policy
Credit Policy

Do season pass holders need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes, Bogus Basin requires all season pass holders to initial and sign a liability waiver

Liability Waivers can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page

Liability Waivers

Can I or Do I need to retake my season pass photo?

CURRENT PASS HOLDERS who are 18 years of age and under are required an updated photo every other year. NEW PASS HOLDERS come into our office at 2600 N Bogus Basin Road to have your photo taken. Photos for season passes are not taken on the mountain! Season pass holders who have already been issued their pass can have their photos re-taken for a fee. The new pass will be issued when the original pass is returned. Our season pass photo policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

How do I redeem my season pass benefits online?

50% off Buddy Lift Tickets

Some season passes come with additional benefits, including 50% buddy lift tickets. Buddy lift tickets cannot be purchased online. They are redeemable at any point throughout the season with no blackouts. The pass holder with the benefits is the only individual who can pick up these tickets at the Simplot Ticket Window on the date of use.

Learn More

Partner Mountain Benefits

Some season passes come with partner mountain benefits. Each mountain has its own redemption process. Please see our benefits page first, then check the mountain you plan to visit to confirm their process of redemption.

Benefits Page
Partner Mountain Incoming Guest Benefits

Powder Alliance Benefits

Some season passes come with a Powder Alliance Membership. Each mountain has its own redemption process. Please see our benefits page first, then check the Powder Alliance website to confirm their process of redemption.

Benefits Page
Powder Alliance
Incoming Powder Alliance Membership Information

Other Benefits

Some season passes come with additional benefits. Each organization has its own redemption process. Please see our benefits page first, then check the organization’s website that you wish to visit to confirm their process of redemption.

Benefits Page

What if I forgot my season pass?

Our “I Forgot My Pass” policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

What if I need my season pass replaced or reprinted?

Our season pass replacement & reprint policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

I can’t use my season pass. Can I transfer my season pass to another person?

There are several restrictions surrounding the transfer of a season pass. Our season pass transfer policy can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

What is the season pass birthdate cut-off?

Detailed information can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

Does my family qualify for a Family Pass?

Detailed information can be found on our Restrictions & Policies Page.

Restriction & Policies

I am not a current season pass holder. If I purchase a winter pass during the mid-season sale, can I begin using it immediately?

Winter season pass products are not valid until the beginning of their respective winter season (expected Mid/Late-November). If you are not a current season pass holder at the time of purchase and would like to begin accessing the mountain this year, you may purchase a Spring Season Pass in addition to your next season winter pass. The Spring Season Pass gives you unlimited seven-day-a-week access, beginning Mid-March through our projected mid-April season end date. The adult price for the Spring season pass is less than the cost of two adult day lift tickets.

Why can’t I start accessing the mountain at the time I purchase my pass as I’ve always done? 

Based on historic visitation levels, snow conditions, staff/guest safety considerations, and interest in additional affordable pass options, we have identified March 15th through mid-April, as the date range for our spring season.

Why are you charging extra for spring access, hasn’t it always been free?

In past years, Bogus Basin has required guests to pay for spring access. In the first two years of this change, the charge was built into the season pass for “non-renewing” season pass holders, while “renewing” pass holders had a separate season pass that cost less and did not come with spring access.

Two years ago, we had a discussion that identified it was not in line with our mission to force new pass holders (non-renewing) to pay more than existing pass holders (renewing pass holders). We chose to change the wording and organization of our product mix to isolate the extra expense of spring access, allowing guests to either purchase a spring-specific season pass or add spring access onto their pass for an additional cost.

While other mountains in the area “include” spring access for “free”, they do not offer a season pass that does not include spring access, thus forcing everyone into a “one size fits all” model. At Bogus, we are passionate about not asking guests to purchase things they do not want/need, so we continue offering season pass products in an ala cart model.

Why can’t I pick up my Spring Season Pass during the season pass sale?

Spring Season Passes are available for pickup on Mid-March, the day that the Spring Season officially starts. We encourage you to pick up your spring pass at the downtown sales office (2600 Bogus Basin Road) during our office hours. Passes may also be picked up at the mountain ticket office. To avoid confusion about the start date of the spring season, your pass will not be available prior to Mid-March.

Can you explain why you’ve taken away partner benefits from the winter pass?

Our mission is to be affordable and accessible, and one of the greatest challenges we face as an organization right now is how to adapt to the growth of our community to continue meeting the needs of our season pass holders and guests. Providing Powder Alliance and other ancillary benefits – such as partner mountain benefits, and buddy tickets – to the vast majority of our season pass holders had reached a point where usage rates were straining operations at some of our fellow Powder Alliance members/partner mountains, and impacting our own need to manage capacity at Bogus Basin during peak times. That, along with the progress we’ve made in summer offerings, is why we made the planned transition to a year-round pass product, which incorporates the benefits previously included with our winter pass.

Why has the military discount changed?

The military pass discount was changed to make the process more streamlined and fair for both our guests and our staff members. All military service people who meet the qualifications on our restrictions and policies page, qualify for a discount on a variety of pass products at the time of purchase.

Why has the college discount changed?

The college pass discount changed to offer college students more pass options when purchasing, rather than a one size fits all.

Will Bogus Basin limit the number of season passes sold?

Bogus Basin plans to limit the overall number of season passes sold, but we do not foresee a need to limit season passes during the initial sale period. In October 2020 and 2021, the area reached this limit on winter season passes and twilight season passes.

Has the family pass changed from years past?

We have increased the number of family pass options, and have changed the pickup process as well. When purchasing online, guests are not required to add their dependents to their cart. During the pass pick-up process, pass holders are required to sign liability waivers, take/update season pass photos, show proof of family unit, and add dependents.

If I change my mind about the season pass, can I get a refund?

It’s very important that you review our season pass credit policy carefully prior to purchasing, as there are very limited options for qualifying for a refund.

In the past, I’ve been able to apply the cost of my day ticket toward the purchase of my season pass. Can I do that again?

No, that option is no longer available.

When is my Spring Season Pass Valid?

Spring Season passes are valid Mid-March thru the end of the season, expected mid-April.

Can I buy a Nordic spring pass?

There is no Nordic spring pass available, due to limited demand.

When is my Winter Season Pass Valid?

Winter Season passes are valid Late November, through mid-April.

When is my Midweek Season Pass Valid?

Midweek Season passes are valid Monday-Friday Late November through mid-April. (blackout periods apply)


Is my midweek season pass blacked out during daytime and twilight operations?

Yes, midweek season passes are blacked out during the entire operating day, on the blackout dates listed.


Why does the Twilight season pass not have blackout periods, but cost less than the midweek season pass, which has both day and night blackout periods?

The reason Twilight season passes cost less than a midweek pass is that there is substantially less terrain open for twilight skiing: There are 2,600 acres of accessible terrain during the daytime and 175 acres during twilight operations. Furthermore, grooming occurs after the area closes, so the midweek season pass holders have the opportunity to enjoy freshly groomed runs at the beginning of the day. Generally speaking, access to the slopes during the day is in much higher demand. Consequently, the resources required to operate during the day are much higher.

When is my Twilight Season Pass Valid?

Twilight Season passes are valid from 3 pm until close daily, Late November, through mid-April. Night operating hours typically start in mid-December. Keep in mind that you may use your Twilight Pass from 3 pm to 4:30 pm daily until night hours begin and after night hours end.

What is a Donor Pass?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bogus Basin relies on the community’s support to continue serving our mission to provide affordable, accessible and fun year-round recreation and education. If you make a donation of $100 or more, in addition to purchasing a season pass, your season pass will have a unique design.

Ski & Snowboard School FAQs

Can I get a refund on lessons I’ve already paid for?

All Ski & Snowboard School programs are non-refundable.

Cancellation/Credit Policy

Changes or cancellations of lessons reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of the lesson. A Bogus Basin Credit is issued for any cancellations made 48 hours in advance of the lessonIf you need to reschedule due to an illness or have any COVID-19 related symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible. No-shows forfeit lesson fees. All lessons are subject to availability.

Credits are applied to a “Bogus Bucks” gift card which can be redeemed for services offered through Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. Contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson.

Can I transfer my private lesson to another person?

If you are unable to attend a private lesson, transfers to another person may be arranged. Changes to the lesson must be made 48 in advance.

When are lift tickets included in the price of a lesson?
Lift tickets are NOT included with lessons unless otherwise stated. All guests MUST have a ticket or season pass to access our lifts. Tickets are available online or at the ticket window on the mountain. Season passes can only be purchased at the sales office in Boise (2600 N Bogus Basin Rd).

When is rental equipment included in the price of a lesson?
Rental equipment is not included with the lesson with otherwise stated. Rental equipment is included with our Passport program only. All Passport participants receive equipment for their lessons.

I purchased a Beginner lift ticket, but I want to ski more of the mountain. What can I do?
You can upgrade your “Beginner” lift ticket at the ticket window on the mountain.  You are required to pay the difference in the ticket price depending upon the type of ticket.

Can I ride with my kids during their lesson?
Your request to ride with your kids in a lesson can be guaranteed only if you purchase a semi-private lesson. Semi-privates are available for ages 7+. Our other group lessons are divided according to age and ability.

We signed up for Semi-Private but we are different abilities. What should I do?
For safety reasons the instructor always teaches to the lowest ability level. We recommend forming semi-privates with similar ages and abilities.

Can I choose my instructor?
You may request an instructor by name only when taking a private or semi-private lesson, but not with other group lessons.

I am taking multiple lessons will I have the same instructor each time?
Only if you request an instructor for private or semi-private lessons. Substitute instructors are used if for some reason the scheduled instructor is not able to teach that day.

My child can ski blue runs, why is the instructor keeping them on green runs?
Many children can negotiate blue runs, but are they really skiing them? If children are still using a breaking wedge to stop and control their speed, they should remain on green runs. A breaking wedge can quickly turn into a bad habit if it is used too much or if it is used on terrain that is too steep. Our instructors are trained to teach kids to control their speed with complete turns across the hill before they take them on more advanced slopes.

Why do I have to wait until my child turns 3 to sign them up for lessons?
While maturity rates do differ, our past experiences have shown that children that are under 3 years old are too young to be successful in lessons. 3-year-old children generally do much better in 1-hour private lessons.


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