Are You Ready for the 2023/24 Winter Season at Bogus Basin?

Procrastinators rejoice! Weather is weather, whether we like it or not… but the good news is you have had some extra time to fully get ready for winter 2023/24!

So the question remains – Are you Shready for your first day back on snow? To be certain, we made a short checklist for you!

Season Pass

It’s been a while since the start of our season pass sale back in February; it’s time to dust off your RFID Media from last year if you haven’t already and put it somewhere safe – like in your jacket pocket WITHOUT a cell phone or other credit cards/expired passes. Are you a new season pass holder at Bogus Basin? Pick up your RFID media at the downtown ticket sales and leasing office located at 2600 N Bogus Basin Rd.

Still need a pass? We have midweek and night passes available for purchase!

Skiers Ready For Winter 2023/24, Seated On Chairlift At Bogus Basin - Photo By Luke Tokunaga

Additionally, we have introduced a new season pass product category, Bogus Basin Flex-Passes. These products become available on Black Friday and become unavailable have a very limited quantity – when they are gone they are gone.

Flash Sale Black Friday Sale. The Flex-Pass offers non-consecutive multi-day access to ride at Bogus Basin. Flex Passes are ideal for those who wish to ski or snowboard at Bogus Basin multiple times throughout the season but missed out on their chance to purchase a season pass.

Sign your winter 2023/24 waiver!

Every time you purchase a season pass to Bogus Basin, you need to sign a new waiver. When you purchased your season pass, you were prompted to sign the appropriate liability waivers for your pass type. Season passes are considered invalid and do not function at the gates until a waiver is signed.

Not sure if you’ve signed your waiver yet? Call the Downtown Sales Office with the appropriate guest records (name, birthdate, WTP number) ready, and our staff will be happy to check the status of your waiver. If it turns out you need to renew your waiver, the staff member will email the address on file with a link to your waiver.

If you purchased a True Bogus Season Passes and used it this summer, your waiver has been signed, and you are ready for the winter 2023/24 season!

If you do not sign the 2023/24 waiver, your pass will not scan at the RFID gate, and you will be directed to the ticket window to handle your waiver.

Gear check!

Rental Shop Equipment To Get You Ready For Winter 2023/24 - Photo By Cassidy Carter

Skis, Board, boots, goggles, poles…. Missing something(s)? The leasing office has equipment available to lease and rent. Call the downtown leasing office for more information at (208) 332-5100.

Stop! Don’t throw away your Bogus Basin pass or ticket!

Did you know that your pass or ticket to Bogus Basin is reloadable and holds value? Thanks to RFID technology, you can reload your pass or ticket (RFID media) for up to 5 years at Bogus Basin. Reloading your media (ticket or pass) saves time, money, and plastic. Every time you reload your media with a ticket, you save $5, and when you reload your season pass, you save $20!