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Base Area Activities

Summertime in Boise means long days of sunlight, heading to the hills to beat the heat, and of course, staying active. The Bogus Basin team over recent years has designed their mountain landscape into a paradise of summer activities for everyone.

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Why experience the fun just once, when you can enjoy Bogus Basin’s activities as much as you want all day long! The unlimited day pass is the key to a day full of excitement, all on a single ticket! 


Unlimited Day Pass Adult (13+)$49
Unlimited Day Pass Child (2-13)$39
Unlimited Day Pass + The Basin Gravity Park Lift Ticket Adult (13+)$79
Unlimited Day Pass + The Basin Gravity Park Lift Ticket Child (2-13)$55

  • Includes…
  • Glade Runner Mountain Coaster – Idaho’s only Mountain Coaster
  • Scenic Chairlift Rides
  • Summer Tubing Sessions
  • Bungee Trampoline Sessions
  • Climbing Wall Sessions

Glade Runner – Idaho’S Only Mountain Coaster

Bogus Basin is home to the only mountain coaster in the state of Idaho. Experience 4,330 feet of high speed, twisting and turning, screaming and cheering through the woods! Just east of the Simplot Lodge, you are seated in a Glade Runner mountain coaster cart, pulled to the top of the track, then released at the top for an exhilarating ride through the trees. You are in control of your own speed and by pressing the handles all the way forward, you unleash The Glade Runner’s full potential!


Driver & Passenger$25
Unlimited Mountain Coaster RidesSee Unlimited Day Pass


  • You must be at least 54″ tall to ride alone if you are at least 3 years old and 38″-54″ tall, you need a companion 16 years or older and at 54″+ tall to accompany you as a driver.
  • Maximum weight is 375 lbs if conditions are dry and 330 lbs, if conditions are wet.
  • No pregnant riders.
  • No alcohol allowed.
  • Liability Waiver required.
  • Parent/guardian must sign for a minor.


Open Winter Holidays & Summer: 11 am – 5 pm

Scenic Chairlift Rides

As you ascend up Morning Star Express or Deer Point Express chairlift, breathtaking views of Boise National Forest, the Sawtooth Mountains, and Downtown Boise are revealed. One at the top, you are free to wonder towards the many vistas, begin a hike, or relax as the chairlift brings you back down to the base area – however you choose to get down is up to you…


DayNightSingle Ride
Adult (13+)$30$24$15
Child (4-12)$20$14$10


  • No children in backpacks (forward facing packs are OK).
  • Children under 12 years old must have an accompanying adult.
  • No coolers.
  • No strollers.
  • No animals.
  • Liability Waiver required.
  • Parent/guardian must sign for a minor.


Day tickets are valid from open to close

Twilight tickets are valid from 3pm to close

Single ride tickets are valid for one (1) ride on Deer Point Express OR Morning Star Express, NOT both.

Summer Tubing

No snow? No problem! You can still go tubing in the summer! Feel the wind in your face as you fly down the lower section of the bowl towards the base area. Race side-by-side or solo down the two 300 foot lanes. Once at the bottom, you can hop back on the conveyor-lift for a ride back up to the top!


60 Minute Session$15
Unlimited Tubing SessionsSee Unlimited Day Pass

Bungee Trampoline

You can defy gravity and fly more than 20 feet in the air, while doing front flips and back flips without fear of falling! Strap into a secure harness and jump until your heart’s content. The harder you bounce the higher you go!


5 Minute Session$10

Rock Climbing

Your goal? Find the right route and reach the top of the 32-foot structure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once you are at the top, you are softly let down by the auto belay system. You have four different routes to choose from, which means there is something for everyone. Built-in timers make this activity ideal if you want to challenge a friend.


15 Minute Session$10


Your desire to fly just became a reality at Bogus Basin. Thanks to our not-for-profit business model, the profits from community mountain recreation have been reinvested back into the operation, turning your dreams of flight into a reality. Begin your airborne journey with a ride up Deer Point Express chairlift, zipping above and through the trees all the way down to the base area on five different ziplines!


15 Minute Session$TBD

Adventure Skills Course

We know you love adventure and challenge and now you can feed both of those cravings at Bogus Basin. Whether it is just a day on the mountain or a group team building outing, our adventure skills course is sure to put your mind and body to the test. Work your way up from beginner to expert as you move through five different challenges, each one higher up than the last!


1 Session$TBD

Mini Golf

Life is about about quality time with the ones you love, but some times everyone’s skill and thrill thresholds are different. Miniature golf at Bogus Basin is an exciting way to get your friends and family outside to enjoy the fresh air and scenery of the mountain!


1 Session$TBD

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Bogus Basin instructors utilize techniques endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI).

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