Closed To Uphill Traffic Until Winter Season Operations Begin

Safety considerations:

Due to maintenance and operational requirements such as grooming, snowmaking, construction, avalanche mitigation, special events to name a few. To prevent the public from hazards that may present themselves from time to time, Bogus Basin has the authority to restrict or deny uphill traffic to the public, with Forest Service pre-approval, to perform any or all of these actions as deemed reasonable by the ski area. Areas subject to these potential hazards will be signed as closed at the uphill access points closing those areas.

Uphill in-bound travel routes:

A) The route to Shafer Butte departs from the Pioneer Lodge up Lodge Cat track to the top of Shafer Butte. This route is restricted from 9:00 am to 3:00 am the following day. B) The route to Deer Point is accessed from the base of Coach run to the Upper Ridge. This route is restricted from 3:00 am to 5:00 or 10:00 during night operations. C) The route to just below the Deer Point towers departs from between the base of coach run and the road, it travels along the inside edge of the southern ski area boundary. This route is open during all hours of operation and is the recommended route when uphill traffic is restricted in other areas.

Bogus Basin Recreation Area allows uphill access via skinning and snowshoeing during the winter operating season at restricted times and designated areas.  For the safety of everyone at Bogus Basin, anyone participating in these activities must adhere to the following guidelines and accept the risks associated with uphill travel:

1. All trails and terrain parks are closed outside of operational hours.

2. Know and follow ‘Your Responsibility Code’ at all times.

3. Before and after daylight hours, a headlamp or flashlight is required and reflective clothing is advised at all hours.

4. No dogs are allowed on the mountain.

5. Overnight stays on the mountain are Not Permitted!

6. Bogus Basin reserves the right to close uphill traffic at any time.


8. The mountain is closed and swept clear of all guests and staff at the end of each operating day and during emergencies.

9. If your presence on resort property presents a hazard or the resort staff feels that you are impeding the operations of the resort, you may be directed to utilize a different location.  You must follow such direction or you will be asked to leave the premises

10. Avoid all grooming operations and snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment winch cat and their cables. The cable between the anchor and the cat can be difficult to see and may be under the snow or crossing over runs. These cables can stretch for thousands of feet and can move very quickly without notice.

– Do not enter areas where machinery is in use

– The majority of machinery operates after hours, pay close attention at all times.

11. STAY OFF OF TRAILS WHEN SNOWMAKING IS IN PROGRESS. These trails will have 480-volt electrical cords and high-pressure water hoses, and at times they may be just beneath the surface of the snow. They may also have very icy conditions, particularly near the snow guns. Seek an alternate route if you see any indication of snow machines, electrical cords, or hoses.

Rescue Response:

There are no patrol services outside of operating hours and ski area boundaries, ski area buildings are closed outside of operation. If accessing the mountain prior to operating hours, you do so at your own risk. In case of emergency, outside of operating hours, call 911 and know that response times could be extended. Also be aware that mobile phone service can be unreliable on the mountain, especially on the Pine Creek Side.

Required Pass and Release of Liability:

In order to travel uphill on Resort grounds, Bogus Basin requires all patrons to have an uphill season pass on their person. The pass can be picked up during normal operating hours at open any ticket window.  In addition, all persons are required to sign a Waiver of Liability at the time of pass issuance.   Persons traveling without proper, required uphill pass will be asked to leave the resort and obtain a proper uphill pass before returning.

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