2018-19 Season Pass Liability Agreement

Thank you for choosing Bogus Basin Mountain for your winter and summer recreation! We look forward to having you on the mountain!


All season pass holders are required to sign a 2018-2019 Agreement before the pass can be picked up or mailed. Signatures are required before season passes will be issued. Pass holders under 18 must have an agreement signed by their parent or guardian.

  • Please download the agreement, read, initial, sign and return to us. You CANNOT type in your name as a signature on the form. You must print the form and sign.
  • Please make sure you initial in the spaces provided and print legibly in the areas requiring PASS HOLDER NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH.
    • One form allows up to five (5) family members; use a second form if you have a larger family.
    • If not a family, then use a separate form per person.
  • If you are a minor trying to pick up your season pass and do not have a parent/guardian available to sign , then we will give a one time “I Forgot My Pass” lift ticket.

Winter & Summer WAIVER OF LIABILITY 2018 use this one if the pass was purchased during the Presidents Week sale for an ALPINE/NORDIC pass.

WINTER 2018-19 WAIVER use this one for NORDIC pass only OR if you purchase your ALPINE pass after the Presidents Week sale.

Agreement can be emailed, faxed or mailed to:
Mail: Bogus Basin Sales Office 2600 N Bogus Basin Rd Boise, ID 83702
Fax: 208-332-5102
Email as pdf or jpg: pass@bogusbasin.org

Agreements can also be signed in person at our sales office (2600 N Bogus Basin Rd) during sales office hours.

If mailing, then allow 4-5 days before coming into the sales office to pick up your season pass. If faxing or emailing, then please allow a minimum of 2 days before picking up your season pass.

Remember… You can ONLY pick up your pass at the sales office on Bogus Basin road. You CANNOT pick up your pass on the mountain and we cannot accept liability agreements on the mountain.