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Season Pass FAQ


Where/how can I purchase my season pass?

The season pass sale runs February 19th – 28th. We strongly encourage you to purchase your season pass online, due to COVID-19. You can also purchase over the phone by calling (208) 332-5100 or – if necessary – at our Downtown Sales Office located at 2600 Bogus Basin Road. Sales office hours during the season pass sale are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 5pm.
Season Passes

I’m a longtime winter season pass holder, what is the equivalent pass for me this year?

If you only plan on skiing or riding at Bogus Basin, and are not interested in skiing or riding at Partner Mountains, the equivalent season pass product is the Winter Season Pass. This pass gains you unlimited access to Bogus Basin, seven-days-a week, as well as (1) 50% off buddy ticket, valid anytime during the 2021-2022 winter season.

If you ARE interested in skiing or riding at Partner mountains, membership in the Powder Alliance, and/or community partner discounts, consider the True Bogus Season Pass.

I am not a current season pass holder. If I purchase a winter pass during the sale, can I begin using it this season?

Winter season pass products are not valid until the beginning of the 2021-2022 winter season (expected mid-November 2021). If you are not a current season pass holder, and would like to begin skiing or riding this year, you may purchase a Spring 2021 Season Pass in addition to your 2021-2022 winter pass. The Spring Season Pass gives you unlimited seven-day-a-week access, beginning March 15th through our projected mid-April season end date. The adult price for the Spring 2021 season pass is $109 (plus tax) – less than the cost of two adult day lift tickets. 

Why can’t I start skiing or riding at the time I purchase my winter pass, like I’ve always done? 

This season, Bogus Basin has limited the number of people at the area due to COVID-19, giving priority to those who have already purchased a pass. Based on historic visitation levels, snow conditions, staff/guest safety considerations, and interest in additional affordable pass options, we have identified March 15th through mid-April, 2021 as the date range for our spring season.

Why are you charging extra for spring skiing or riding, hasn’t it always been free?

Over the last four years, Bogus Basin has required guests to pay for spring access. In the first two years of this change, the charge was built into the season pass for “non-renewing” season pass holders, while “renewing” pass holders had a separate season pass that cost less and did not come with spring access.

Two years ago, we had a discussion that identified it was not in line with our mission to force new pass holders (non-renewing) to pay more than existing pass holders (renewing pass holders). We chose to change the wording and organization of our product mix to isolate the extra expense of spring access, allowing guests to either purchase a spring-specific season pass or add spring access onto their pass for an additional cost.

While other mountains in the area “include” spring access for “free”, they do not offer a season pass that does not include spring access, thus forcing everyone into a “one size fits all” model. At Bogus, we are passionate about not asking guests to purchase things they do not want/need, so we will continue offering season pass products in an ala cart model.

Why can’t I pick up my Spring Season Pass during the season pass sale?

Spring Season Passes will be available for pickup on March 15th, the day that the Spring Season officially starts. We encourage you to pick up your spring pass at the downtown sales office (2600 Bogus Basin Road) during our office hours. Passes may also be picked up at the mountain ticket office. To avoid confusion about the start date of the spring season, your pass will not be available prior to March 15th.  

Can you explain why you’ve taken away partner benefits from the winter pass?

Our mission is to be affordable and accessible, and one of the greatest challenges we face as an organization right now is how to adapt to the growth of our community to continue meeting the needs of our season pass holders and guests. Providing Powder Alliance and other ancillary benefits – such as partner mountain benefits, and buddy tickets – to the vast majority of our season pass holders had reached a point where usage rates were straining operations at some of our fellow Powder Alliance members/partner mountains, and impacting our own need to manage capacity at Bogus Basin during peak times. That, along with the progress we’ve made in summer offerings, is why this is the year we made the planned transition to a year-round pass product, which incorporates the benefits previously included with our winter pass.

Why is the price of your Winter Season pass $20 higher than your pass last year  

The modest $20 price increase on our Winter Season Pass reflects our increased cost of operations, due to growth in the Treasure Valley, and our commitment to continue providing you and our other season pass holders a positive guest experience in both summer and winter. 

Why has the military discount changed?

The military pass discount changed to make the process more streamlined and fair for both our guests and our staff members. All military service people who meet the qualifications on our restrictions and policies page, qualify for a discount on a variety of pass products at the time of purchase. 
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Why has the college discount changed?

The college pass discount changed to offer college students more pass options when purchasing, rather than an one size fits all.
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Will Bogus Basin be limiting the number of season passes again?

We do not foresee a need to limit season passes during the February 19th – 28th sale period. After that, we will carefully evaluate the number of passes sold and other factors. We will provide updates on our website, via our eblasts and social media.

Update – October 2021: At this time, Winter and Beyond Bogus season passes are no longer available. Twilight, Midweek, and Nordic season passes are still available.


When will I receive my season pass?

The True Bogus Season pass includes summer access and benefits. These will be available ONLY at our Mountain Ticket Office on the first day of the 2021 summer season (Date TBD)
Season Pass Pick-Up Schedule

What are the changes to the family pass this year?

We have increased the number of family pass options, and have changed the pickup process as well. When purchasing online, guests are not required to add their dependents to their cart. During the pass pick up process, pass holders will be required to sign liability waivers, take/update season pass photos, show proof of family unit, and add dependents.

If I change my mind about the pass, can I get a refund?

It’s very important that you review our season pass credit policy carefully prior to purchasing, as there are very limited options for qualifying for a refund. 
Credit Policy
Refund Policy

In the past, I’ve been able to apply the cost of my day ticket toward the purchase of my season pass. Can I do that again this year?

No, that option is no longer available.  

When is my Spring Season Pass Valid?

Spring Season passes are valid March 15th, 2021 thru the end of this season, expected mid-April, 2021.
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Can I buy a Nordic spring pass?

There is no Nordic spring pass available, due to limited demand.

When is my Winter Season Pass Valid?

Winter Season passes are valid Late November, 2021 through mid-April, 2022.
Winter Pass Details

When is my Midweek Season Pass Valid?

Midweek Season passes are valid Monday-Friday Late November, 2021 through mid-April, 2022. (blackout periods apply)

  • Blackout Periods: 11/25-11/26, 12/27-12/31, 1/17/2022, 02/21/2022

Winter Pass Details

When is my Twilight Season Pass Valid?

Twilight Season passes are valid 3pm until close daily, Late November, 2021 through mid-April, 2022. Night operating hours typically start in mid-December. Keep in mind that you may use your Twilight Pass from 3pm to 4:30pm daily until night hours begin and after night hours end.
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What if I Forget My Season Pass?
Season pass holders are eligible for one free “I forgot my pass” day ticket, and one “replacement” season pass for a fee of $10.

What is a Donor Pass?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bogus Basin relies on the community’s support to continue serving our mission to provide affordable, accessible and fun year-round recreation and education. If you make a donation of $100 or more, in addition to purchasing a season pass, your season pass will have a unique design.