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Season Pass Credit Policy

Credits on season passes are based on restricted conditions — medical or relocation (100 mile radius or more) from the Treasure Valley. Valid documentation is REQUIRED to process the credit. The credit is placed on a Bogus Basin gift card (Bogus Bucks) and expires in 5 years. Credits are processed in batches and will not be issued immediately; expect a delay of at least 2 weeks prior to receiving the credit in the mail.

You can request a TRANSFER of your season pass to another individual if the mountain is not open and the season pass has not been issued. The transfer is for the current season only.  Certain restrictions apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  To purchase a season pass, this policy must be accepted.  If not accepted, then the season pass purchase will not be completed.

Additional Restrictions/Information

  • Season passes will not be credited for adjustments to hours and days of operation based on snow conditions and/or skier visits.
  • Bogus Basin’s fiscal year ends May 31. Credit requests made after May 31 (of the expiration year on the pass) will not be accepted.
  • Any credit due to a medical condition is for that individual only. The credit does not extend to family members.
  • A credit for a family member on a “Family” pass is based on the number of members in the family and their ages.
  • Season passes are not “rolled over” or “transferred” from one season to another, with the exception of the “Passport” season pass.  The “Passport” season pass will only be transferred to the following season.
  • A credit is pro-rated if the season pass has been issued and if Bogus Basin is open for winter recreation.  Credit amount is reduced by $20 per visit.

Submit documentation with a CREDIT REQUEST FORM and season pass (if issued) to:

mail: 2600 N Bogus Basin Road Boise, ID 83702
fax: 208-332-5102
email: or **Send document as a pdf or jpg file.

Provide the following REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION and your season pass. Credits will not be issued with out the return of the pass (if issued) or one of the documents listed below.

  • MEDICAL: a letter from a physician stating medical condition (date of injury, surgery, etc)
  • RELOCATION: proof of relocation (100 miles or more), such as a monthly statement (utility, bank, etc) or lease, or a copy of employment papers from hiring or transferring company. Car insurance or drivers license will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, then please e-mail us or call our sales office at 208-332-5162.