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Linda Symms

Years teaching 30
Certifications Alpine Level 3, Snowboard Level 2
Schedule Thursday – Sunday and Friday night
Favorite Run Matchless
Teaching Style If you are a beginner, we will start with something easy and add one thing at a time until suddenly, you are skiing.

If you want to improve your skiing I will listen to you and find out what you think will help. Then we can ski a little together and I’ll see what will help you improve. We can take these ideas and I will help you develop some new movement patterns that will improve your skiing. To get you to those new movement patterns I’ll explain and demonstrate them to you. Sometimes we will try an new exercise that will make it easier for you feel the skill. Often I explain the details and the moves that will get you to your goal. But, I know some people like to start with the big picture in mind and discover the parts. I will focus on you and use my efforts to take you to a new level.

Comments I was a ski racer in my youth and I was trying to make it to The Olympics. I practiced skiing a lot, and now I’m a pretty good skier. I approach ski teaching with the determination I had in my youth. I love skiing too. I like the sliding, and the wind blowing against me as I speed down the hill. I also enjoy the confidence I have in my ability to go gracefully down the hill as fast or slow as I want to go. Skiing is good exercise too. But, it is so fun you don’t know you’re working out. So come skiing. I can show you how!

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