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John Conners

Years teaching 9
Certifications Alpine Level 1
Schedule Weekends and fill-in
Favorite Run Skiers left on Tiger
Teaching Style Students learn best when they’re in safe appropriate terrain and have appropriate instructions. I believe simple instructions and direct feedback work best. People enjoy learning and people want to have some fun!
Comments Sometimes it takes years to the find the work you really enjoy. I came to realize teaching brings me Joy. After retirement, I returned to school and attained a Masters of Education (ESL). Of all the work I’ve done in my life, teaching English to people from other countries, has been wonderfully enjoying.

In a surprising way, teaching a foreign language and teaching skiing, have similarities. In both endeavors students will feel awkward and and make many small mistakes. That’s all part of the learning something really new.

What can you learn by taking up a new sport or working to improve their sport? You learn to notice your body, your posture, and your attitude. Often, our attitude blocks us from learning.

We need to not to let our attitude get in our way.

Bogus Basin is a wonderful place, and a day skiing can be refreshing experience. Come, join us on our  Mountain!

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