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Dave Leppert

Years teaching 20
Certification Alpine Level 2, Senior Specialist 2
Schedule Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Favorite Run Nugget
Teaching Philosophy
There is a lot more to ski classes than just the mechanics of skiing.  It is about the total outdoor experience.  How to cope with winter conditions in the mountains:  the trees, rocks, snow conditions, terrain, weather and other factors to consider when skiing.  And most importantly for group lessons, ski classes are about the development of relationships between the students.  For just two but especially for a large group, six to ten students, there will always be a spread in abilities within the group.  The more advanced students may need to be a little patient and also get an opportunity to develop leadership skills even if it is as simple as, “Lead the way to the big tree and wait for us”.  Less advanced students may feel frustrated at times, but frequently rise to the challenge to keep up with their classmates.  This applies to every group from those who are experiencing their first day on skis to advanced groups skiing difficult terrain.
Comments As a geologist, I like to mix a little rock talk into the ski lessons, pointing out a few of the local geographic and geologic features such as volcanoes, faults, etc.  On clear days you can see a long way in all directions.  Bogus is located near the intersection of a variety of geologic terranes so you can see a wide variety of features.  These include two distinct types of granites, several different types of volcanoes, the old continental margin, the Yellowstone “hot spot” trace, major faulting of the trans-Challis fault system with associated mineral deposits, and much more.

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