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Beyond 75: Feasibility Study Presentation & Survey

Beyond 75 Feasibility Study

Thank you for your interest in the Beyond 75 Feasibility Study. Every community member who goes over our presentation and takes the following survey is helping to contribute to the future direction of Bogus Basin. Please follow the steps below to view the presentation and take the survey.


Step 1: Take some time to examine the Beyond75 Feasibility Study Presentation created by the SE Group (if you attended in person, skip to Step 2.) The presentation is quite thorough and contains important information that we will ask you about in the survey. Grab a comfy chair and dig in!

Step 2: Take the Beyond75 Presentation Survey. This survey contains some terms included in the presentation, so don’t hesitate to switch back and forth between the two.

Thank you for helping Bogus Basin set our sights on the right goals for the coming 75th year anniversary and beyond! If you have questions or comments, please email Susan Saad.